Since its initiation at the year 2012, NAAAS Trading Services & Hospitality has become a renowned name in the state of Qatar. We have been the industry pioneer due to our high standards maintained by zero tolerance policy with our professionally acclaimed team of more than 800 in number.
With undergoing our tedious and rigorous training in continuum our team has honed their skills to an exceptional level. From waiting staff to baristas' and sanitization to hospitality department, we have been adding more content clientele year-by –year.

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Our Services

  • Commercial Cleaning & Deep Cleaning
  • We are working with the businesses to achieve 5 start standards with a highly skilled and expert team. Cleaning is not only a procedure, it’s also important in boosting productivity by clean and maintained environments

  • Industrial Cleaning Services
  • We accommodate the large-scale cleaning with details to the dot with our heavy-duty equipment and trained team. We are also aligned with all governmental Health & Safety compliances and maintain high-level of professionalism and standards.

  • Facade Washing
  • We provide ablutionary services to clean the structure façade and awnings with professional and advanced equipment in the market. Our learned team have undergone, various skill tests and health & safety trainings to provide best service always.

  • Pest Control
  • One of the most concerning aspect of pest controlling is the environment harming chemicals used in order to produce the cleaning essentials. Our engineered environment friendly formula is the best suited solutions for the commercials and residentials.

  • Transformational cleaning for Outdoors
  • With high-pressure cleaning systems, our team truly transforms the outdoors of any facility. The efficient pressure washing system removes even the most resilient stains quickly and makes the surface appear new instantly.

  • Natural Stone Wood Maintenance
  • One of the excruciating aspect of having natural stone facades and architecture is the cleaning and maintain of it. Well, our advanced team with state-of-the-art equipment is one of the industry leaders in Natural Stone cleaning services.

  • Waste Management
  • One facet of getting a professional cleaning service is the waste management. As we are aware of the environment changes and depletions and the role waste material plays in depleting it, we ensure a proper waste removal and disposal of any waste our methods produce.

  • Sanitization
  • As of today’s market necessity, within the cleaning and maintenance industry sanitization is important for all firms. With our special fogging method our sanitization is more accurate and absolute. Henceforth, It’s not harmful even while the working hours.

Services to Ministries

NAAAS Trading, Services and Hospitality has aided to multinational and governmental standards with exceptionally professional services within cleaning, hospitality, catering, transportation and Delivery Services.
All our services has been satiating and pleasing to the clients. We have worked in alignment with the government in variant ends and have delivered outstanding services, trustworthiness and hospitality.